Growing up I was always painting and drawing, and art was my best and favourite subject at school. Living on farms allowed me to engage with the natural world, and as quite a dreamy and introspective child, I tended towards discovering the world through visual means. It was only natural that I would go to art school and continue this passion.

In all my artworks, I endeavour to work from a personal and intuitive position using rich colour, line and expressive and dynamic brushwork. Inherent in my creative process is transformation – of materials, of the visual, and of the self.

As a process-based artist, every painting is a creative journey as I work from a sketch or visual memory without preconceived notions of how the end result will be. It is very important to allow the painting to begin to ‘talk’ to me, to allow for openness and the unexpected, and this is where painting is such a reward, as the artwork begins to take shape without effort. I draw on my emotional and physical energy as I paint, meditating on the full gamut of memories of people, places, and experiences, generating a sensory awareness expressed through choices in palette, the intensity of brush marks and the quality of the painted surface.

Since finishing post-graduate teaching qualifications in 2015 I have been busy in my studio generating works for a variety of exhibitions as I build my client base, and I’m open to hearing from you regarding exhibition and commission opportunities! My work is held in numerous private collections throughout Australia. I balance my studio practice with part-time teaching as I love to encourage both adults and children to develop their visual art skills and explore their personal visual language.

Bachelor of Visual Arts, (Painting), UniSA, 2005

Bachelor of Visual Arts, Honours (1st class), UniSA, 2010

Master of Teaching (Visual Arts), Flinders University, 2015