Although I am primarily a painter, I also work across printmaking, drawing and sculpture depending on the subject matter and my intuitive response to it.

Although I have always explored the landscape, of late I have become most interested in the Australian landscape and how I can interpret and experience it in a fresh way. The western tradition of landscape painting has a long standing reputation in Australia. Over the last half century, we have been fortunate to see the well deserved recognition and rise of Indigenous Australian artists and their artistic representation of (each language group’s) Country. Broadly speaking, I find these artworks incredibly inspiring in their use of colour, composition and line.

In all my artworks, I endeavour to work from a personal and intuitive position, striving to explore my authentic visual language, one which is rich with colour, line and expressive and dynamic brushwork. The tension between abstraction and figuration is always present.

I hold Honours (First) in Bachelor of Visual Arts (UniSA) and a Master of Teaching (Flinders University).  I have exhibited throughout South Australia in between studying, working and parenting. I continue to teach part time, encouraging both adults and children to develop their visual art skills and explore their personal visual language.


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