Women and women’s issues continue to be an enduring interest throughout my work. As a result of researching Modernist surface design early in 2016, I began to make a series of works exploring the domestic and psychological interior of young women. Source material continues to be high fashion photography which I work through a process of drawing and simplification to remove any resemblance to both the original photograph and also the living model. In essence, these women become a stereotypical ‘beauty’, a comment on the way that fashion tends to homogenise through conformity to very narrow notions of what is deemed ‘beautiful’.

In this body of work, I explored using patterning, reminiscent of textiles and wallpaper designs from the mid 20th century, by using stamping and stencilling techniques. Unlike sophisticated printing technology of today, slight differences are apparent in each element of the background, giving the works a very definite hand made feel.


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