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S and AJ, Young, NSW

Growing up on rural properties in the 1970s and 80s has led to an enduring interest in the cycles of nature and our interaction with the natural environment.

I am enormously interested in the formal qualities of colour, especially how different hues interact with each other and affect the atmosphere of a painting or drawing.

A strong Modernist design aesthetic underpins my most recent work in which I use more organic, simplified and fluid forms to suggest natural elements.

image of dawn ritual, an original drawing

Dawn Ritual (2018) coloured pencil on paper, explores the connections between living beings and the cycles of the earth.

Birds, the moon and sun, and mountainous forms are a constant motif I return to in my work, symbolising the spiritual and magical in life, but aesthetically, also a wonderful way to explore colour and line. I find joy, peace and strength in my artistic practice, a refuge from the crazy world we live in.

I work across most drawing and painting media as I like to mix it up and keep my vision fresh by trying out new or different ways to express my ideas. Spontaneity and ‘happy accidents’ coincide with mindful intention with the way my artworks are created, ‘failures’ are often cut up or reworked at a later date to see what happens. There is a delicate balance between intuition, skill and conceptual thinking in my artworks.

I live in Mitcham, South Australia with my family and a menagerie of pets. If you would like to visit my studio to view my work, please let me know here.

Bachelor of Visual Arts, Honours (1st class), UniSA, 2010

Master of Teaching (Visual Arts), Flinders University, 2015